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I invite you to enter my photographic world.

Photography is a fantastic job full of wonderful encounters.
Before any shooting session we always meet one time to create a first contact which is essential in my opinion. Later on, things happen naturally on both sides and shooting sessions go perfectly well.

I have a preference for black and white portraits especially newborns, toddlers and children.

I do not use harsh lights, nor flash for style photos and I always keep an authentic light.

This being said I also love many photographic styles and I can adapt easily to the style you prefer.

My passion for photography was born in 1999, first using films before switching to digital photography in 2006. Meanwhile I studied for a year in Salon de Provence to improve my technical skills and to pass a professional photography degree.

Today, I work on my own, mainly with very young children and for weddings. Maybe yours?

To get an idea, I suggest you enter the portfolio ...

Hopefully soon....